180 Inspirational Education Quotes

Education costs money, but so does ignorance

Sir Claude Moser

A long time ago, on a server far away....

If you're familiar with my work, you know that I get a great deal of my inspiration from participating in forums with other teachers online.

About 4 years ago, there were two questions on one of the teachers.net mailrings that caught my attention. One was about setting up a random question of the day on a class website, the other was looking for a source of good quality educational quotes.

I'd just finished collating a large number of quotes from a variety of sources - both on paper and online (too many to list here). So I decided to put the two questions together.

I have always made the source code available for download via the Interactivities Forum's resource site. But it is noticeable that plenty of people just hit Refresh up to 100 times until they have enough quotes for that vital educational studies essay that needs to be handed in the next day.

Anyway - here's the latest version of the script in action. It's written in PHP. The first version was written as an ASP page. Source code is available for both, should you wish to use the script for educational, non-commercial purposes.