Information Literacy

Medium, Message ... or Monster?

What excites you? What drives your enthusiasm? What is it that motivates you enough to get up in front of a class and want to teach?

I love innovation. I even use spreadsheets and graphic calculators for fun! To me, enthusiasm is an essential ingredient to education. Communicating that enthusiasm is one of the high points of teaching.

Before you go any further, perhaps you may want to read a personal introduction with a few disclaimers.

If you want to see a slightly different version of the presentation. Here it is as a slideshow.

Comparing ESL and ICT

A comparison of ESL and ICT leads to some interesting conclusions, and some startling contrasts!

Four Tools

There have been four tools I have come across over the years that have really caught my imagination. In each case, I discuss its possible application in ESL/EFL. As I do so, hopefully you will begin to see how information literacy skills have become increasingly important.

The Future?

So, what happens next? What is the monster lurking behind the monitor? Find out more!