I have a Dream!

I remember the day well. Gushing enthusiastically about the potential of the internet. 

"The students of the future will be able to publish their book-reports online. Imagine, not just using the internet merely as a consumer of information, but being able to add to it..."

How wrong I was!

Not about the thousands of static pages that fill the world-wide web with the condensed knowledge of multitudes of high school students (and their younger brothers and sisters).

However, high school contributions to the online world have started to mature in terms of quality that I never dreamed possible even two years ago.

The secret? Interactivity.

New generations of browsers allow students to create their own simulations for others to investigate; develop puzzles that change in complexity as they are used; manage their own discussion forums on issues that matter to them; conduct surveys and analyse data as it comes in live on their website.

My dream is to provide the opportunity for wider number of students to create their own interactive spaces on the internet... 

A Wake-Up Call!

The Nightmare?