Mathematics Interactivities

This is a short list of 20 of the interactivities I have produced. I work on new interactivities every week. But this list no longer gets updated. If you want to see the latest collections of my work, visit my Mathematical Interactivities or join the Interactivities Forum to learn how to make your own interactive educational multimedia resources.

  1. Mathematical Matches - A series of flashcard/concentration puzzles - sometimes with an added interactive twist. Covers a range of mathematical topics.
  2. Amazing Age Cards - How does the computer know which number you've picked?
  3. Famous Mind-reading Card Trick - How can the computer work out which one of 27 cards you're thinking about?
  4. The Frog Puzzle - Click on the lily pads to make the frogs move across the pond by hopping or sliding. Can you work out how many moves you would need to shift any number of frogs?
  5. High-Low - How many tries do you need to guess a number between 1 and 999? 
  6. TimeLord - A blast of nostalgia for devotees of old computer games. Move the TimeLord around to avoid being exterminated.
  7. Bomb Numbers - The old bomber arcade game - updated into a mathematics drill. Drop bombs on skyscrapers to answer multiplication table questions.
  8. Multiplication Tables - Want to learn any number's times table? Also available as an asp script or a spreadsheet...
  9. 100 Square - investigate patterns made by multiples of numbers in a 100 square. If that's too easy, try the n-square investigation
  10. Subtractor - An interactive doodle that plays with the concept that multiplication is repeated addition and division is really repeated subtraction.
  11. Number Cruncher - Use the arrow keys to guide the number cruncher around the screen, collecting multiples as you move. 
  12. Percentage estimation - try to estimate what percentage of the bar has been shaded. Score 3 marks for being spot on. 2 for a very close answer, 1 for a fairly close answer.
  13. Sectors - what fraction of a circle has been shaded? Answer in lowest terms!
  14. Flash Algebra - is it an algebra lesson about Flash, or a Flash lesson on algebra? 
  15. Think of a Number - interactive discussion starter.
  16. Shape Game - Use the mouse to click on the shapes and move them to the right container, but avoid being caught by the other robots. 
  17. Two dice bar chart - draws a bar chart to show the result of rolling two dice 150 times:
  18. How likely? - If the probability of an event is 0.5, how likely would 12 successes out of 20 trials be? Use this interactivity to find the answer to this and other questions.
  19. Marbles - simulates an experiment where you remove red, green and blue marbles with or without replacement
  20. Combinations - How many different cars, football strips or ice creams can you create?


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