This is a short list of some of the toys I have put together over the past few years of experimenting with javascript, flash and php.

Most of the files are more proof of concept than fully developed systems. In some cases, they demonstrate why a particular path is not worth following further.


  1. Multiple Choice Quiz - Simple multiple choice questions illustrate how easy it is to design different types of quiz in javascript - but they are so easy to hack into too...
  2. An oval of text - Yes, it looks pretty...
  3. High-Low Game - Everyone writes one when they first get started. Here's my version.
  4. Doodle Pad - Yes, it's pretty, serves no purpose, takes no time to download, but ages to render and will probably crash your browser in doing so. But have some fun with it.
  5. Password protection - Yawn, boring so easy to hack into. But some people want to know how it's done...


  1. Random Educational Quote Generator - Yes, over 180 inspiring education quotes. And yes, there are people who will click refresh over 100 times just to see a large sample of them.
  2. Shakespearian Insults
  3. ACRONIM - Acronym generator for educational projects.
  4. Planetary Mnemonic Generator


  1. The Answer to Life - A Flash version of the Click Here for the Answer to Life joke.
  2. Spinning Logo - Yes, you guessed it, a simple 3D spinning logo. How original.
  3. Spawning a new window in Flash 4.
  4. Text in an arc
  5. Elliptical Spiral
  6. Parametric Equations
  7. Gravity fun
  8. Fixing to decimal places
  9. Inverse tangent

Have you seen my Mathematical Interactivities or Interactivity Scratchpad pages?


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